the Technical Module

After researching the conceptual and social aspects of local food production, and getting a good idea about who and what I am talking about, I decided to tackle the technical aspects of what I am building. In the end I have come to the realization that I am building a system to create an efficient networked aquaponics garden to foster sustainable communities. By creating a network of small gardens, urban producers/gardeners/farmers will be able to spread their gardens out and receive vital update dynamically via the control and tracking system.  

Take a look at my presentation for an update to my thinking.








Control System

Coming soon is my workings with the control system for a solenoid flow control. There have been some hurdles in regards to finding a way for arduino to reset itself. Thankfully, digging through endless forums has provided so results, thanks to Joe Saavadra.

The images below show the circuit created for controlling two 12VDC solenoid valves for my water cycling system.

The Test Circuit – a combination of darlington Transistors (TIP120’s) and N4004 Diodes

Half the circuit off the breadboard.The valves and tubing. Going to test these out with my sump pump and water soon. Hopefully there is no electrocutions.


Filtration Prototype




Part One: Build a Tank

Anyone interested in building a tank, let me know and I will give you a detailed parts list/diagrams. You’ll need a few very important, potentially hard to find parts.

Part Two: Filtration Parts

Now its time to filter the water



Here are the purposed flow for the system and tank – you’ve probably already seen these, but take a look if not.

(figure6.b) & (figure6.d)

Thinking Conceptually

In order to examine the true concept behind this project I found the inspiration to examine history as a method to understanding where technology, agriculture, and social progress have met. The examination has lead to new questions but I believe has solidified how I will approach the rest of the project. Take a look at my latest presentation examining the historical contexts of my concept and how it relates. View the presentation here »