Use Case Scenarios

Here are three I have¬†Identified and will be targeting this is they synthesis of a great round of prototyping and feedback, from User Testing Prototype 3… hang tight for the connection.

1. Professional Urban Farmer
As an urban aqua or hydroponic farmer, as such I am not afforded the space of a traditional farmer. With a dozen systems spread around the borough, daily maintenance is burdensome and tedious from multiple locations a day. Hydronet Modules are installed in each of my ‘fields’ providing real-time scientific-grade crop data, allowing me to deal with emergencies, remotely manage the ecosystem, and tailor growth plans based on environment trends.

2. Community / School
We are interested in learning to grow our own crops for our community. We have/will be building an aqua or hydroponic system where multiple people will be involved with care and maintenance, many of whom will be learning/volunteering. With real-time accurate environmental information we can better understand and react to what is occurring. This helps us understand if certain people need re-training or are neglecting systems, before crop loss occurs.

3. Individual/Family
I love having fresh vegetables in my home aqua or hydroponic system. Sometimes I need reminders about what my crops like – from nutrients to light and co2. Having my gardens data gives me access tailor nutrient plans for my crops, and learn to maximize my yields.

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