This page is dedicated to the deliverables created for Thesis Studio 1 and Writing & Research Fall 2011 as well as Thesis Studio 2 Spring 2012, with instructors Scott Pobiner and Sarah Butler.

Fall 2011

Writing & Research: Final Journals PDF

Thesis Studio 1: Thesis Proposal PDF | Thesis Proposal Zip

Thesis Proposal Documents
figure 1.a | figure 1.b
figure 2.a | figure 2.b | figure 2.c | figure 2.d | figure 2.e
figure 3.a | figure 3.b
figure 4.a | figure 4.b | figure 4.c
figure 5.a
figure 6.a | figure 6.b | figure 6.c | figure 6.d | figure 6.e | figure 6.f | figure 6.g
figure 7.a
figure 8.a


Spring 2012

Final Thesis Paper



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