More and more I am thinking about aesthetics, after my last in class presentation, where I examined methodological aspects of my project, I began to realize that there is a need to make things beautiful. My reaffirmation for this has been speaking with some people over at Hack Manhattan – that pushed my thinking further that there needs to be aesthetics. This also presented a realization that there are different types of spaces, so far I have identified three, public-public, city owned land, or streets, public-private, a place someone would have to be a member in order to visit and finally private a house, home or other personal space.

In my presentation Friday, to the Internet of Things(IOT) Meet Up, I discussed these areas and their relation to the aesthetic nature of adaptive agricultural systems. I have broken these areas in to four approaches to examine, Automation, Awareness, Integration, Interface. I think that using these four areas I will be able to evaluate the different prototypes I create, and categorize them as to what they examine. This talk opened up a lot of great questions, comments and feedback. Thanks to everyone who was there.

You can check out my presentation from IOT – here »

You can check out my methodology presentation – here »

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