Evaluative Module

Approaching the Evaluative Module last allowed for reflection upon the entire semester, as well as an analysis of the work completed to date. Download the week_10 presentation here.

This module facilitated reflection upon the all the previous modules, including the filtration specific module. This module allows for the evaluative frameworks to be applied. In approaching the evaluation of the work completed during the Fall Thesis Section, it became important to find other frameworks to support the project. Realizing that the projects main goals were to support sustainable economies and communities, it became evident that the Five Principles of Ecological Design written by Sim Van der Ryn and Stuart Cowen would provide strong framing for the examination and its potential success.

The Principles of Ecological Design are outlined as follows:

1. Solutions grow from place
2. Ecological accounting informs design
3. Design with nature
4. Everyone is a designer
5. Make nature visible

This guiding framework led to another guiding framework for my own prototypes as seen here (figure7.a).

The evaluation document serves to showcase glaring flaws and potential directions for prototypes. As future prototypes are built they will be designed using successful elements while avoiding past pitfalls. This also provides opportunity for reflection and analysis in illustrating the components and advancements of the prototypes. Categorizing the sections serves as a checklist for each sequential examination. In doing so a greater understanding of choices, decisions and outcomes is fostered, as well as a concise metric for evaluation.

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