Spring Prototype 02

Moving forward with my data collection prototype I began to grow frustrated with all of the wires associated with the prototype. As a means to being to make these modules self standing I moved to the Xbee wireless protocol to connect the data. Traditionally to connect these units through to the internet a Digi Connect Port can be used. This was not a great option for me or my project as its importance to remain low cost and easily accessible. With connect ports running in the $200 range this would instantly put my project out of price range for most people.

My solution, was to set up a series 2 xbee with an ethernet shield and arduino. My system is now wirelessly connected to the network, through radio signals.


With this I can significantly cut down the price to allow individuals modular connected devices. I still need to refine the library more, but I will post it up for you all when its ready.

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