Fall Final Proposal

In acknowledging the Social, Conceptual, Technical, Methodological and Evaluative portions of the aforementioned posts.There seems to be a potential solution to provide users better access to fresh affordable foods. In recognizing the research within the User Module of the Prototyping section an augmented consumer vs. producer model drastically changes the relationship to stores and markets within a neighborhood. With this model in mind it is apparent that  methods for individual and community research, exploration and engagement within recirculating, sustainable eco-systems must be designed as a foundation to empower neighborhoods to cultivate healthy self-sufficient local economies.

In order to actualize this solution three key elements must be met: 1. Users must be provided with the ability to create and manage their own productive eco-systems via an interface to support users through data feedback;  2. Aesthetic solutions must be designed in order to effectively integrate eco-systems into everyday spaces, as a means for promotion, awareness and adoption; 3. Facilitated user implementations must be at scales which can be supported by resources available to participants, as well as ensure a viable cost to produce ratio.

Download the final presentation here, a recorded version of many of the presentations are in the works so check back soon.