Spring Prototype 02

Moving forward with my data collection prototype I began to grow frustrated with all of the wires associated with the prototype. As a means to being to make these modules self standing I moved to the Xbee wireless protocol to connect the data. Traditionally to connect these units through to the internet a Digi Connect Port can be used. This was not a great option for me or my project as its importance to remain low cost and easily accessible. With connect ports running in the $200 range this would instantly put my project out of price range for most people.

My solution, was to set up a series 2 xbee with an ethernet shield and arduino. My system is now wirelessly connected to the network, through radio signals.


With this I can significantly cut down the price to allow individuals modular connected devices. I still need to refine the library more, but I will post it up for you all when its ready.

100 Word Thesis Statement

Urban farmers are a small but growing population. Their role in harvesting the world’s food is revolutionizing the way we produce, distribute and even consume nourishment. Research and development at both independent and community levels is ongoing to promote and facilitate greater participation in urban cultivation. In response HydroNet provides a semi-autonomous data collection system for user education and support. Remote management of environmental data is vital to successful crop growth in urban contexts. By tracking and sharing the statistics associated within these ecosystems, HydroNet seeks to support research, education and innovation in the field of urban agriculture.

Spring Prototype 01

In order to jump start the process I decided to go back to the electronics and sensor network aspect proposed in earlier presentations.


This arduino and sensors connect to a php script which writes the data to a mongo database.

In order to view this data I built an html5/  javascript visualizer http://thesis.piuggi.com/systems/prototype_001/